Tail’s End Lagoon


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Photo credit: pixabay.com

The ancient mermaid slowly moved her arthritic tail through the warm water until she came upon the base of the volcanic island. She broke through the surface and she could see Merlin’s castle peaking through the hills. Magikal Island. Now she had to find the Phoenix that would lead her to Tail’s End Lagoon.

She could see a water fowl diving for fish, but no other birds. Suddenly, a brilliant light took form in front of her and a most colourful bird appeared. The Phoenix. “This way,” he said. The ancient mermaid slowly followed him as he patiently hovered above her, leading her toward the island.

He led her through a tree-covered secluded area and into a brilliant blue lagoon. “Godspeed,” he said and then disappeared. The ancient mermaid swam into Tail’s End Lagoon, the lagoon where old merfolk go to die. She closed her eyes and floated comfortably. Soon the soothing effervescence of the water lulled her to sleep and she disappeared, leaving a trail of bubbles where she once existed.

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The Touch



The old man greeted the couple and their dog as they looked out over the water. “Your first time here?” he asked.

“Yes,” they said.

“Welcome to Wales.” The old man held out his hand and the couple both shook it. He then patted the dog on the head and walked away to join a younger man nearby, who said, “You’ve lost your touch, Father.”

The old man looked at the couple and their dog. They had turned into iron. The old man sighed. “I have indeed. Well then, I must pass the Midas crown over to you, Son.”

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The Mailboxes


Photo credit: Dawn M Miller

The old man sits quietly on the front porch and sees the confused look on the mailman’s face. It happens every week; he doesn’t know which mailbox to place the letters in. A couple of boxes have lids that won’t open. Another box has a bird’s nest in it and still another has a series of spider webs weaved across it. The mailman knows this, but forgets which box is which.

He finally finds a critter-free box that opens and places a letter into it. The old man snickers as the mailman continues his route. He gets out of the rocking chair and heads down to retrieve the mail. He finds a letter from the post office. They are doing away with door-to-door service and will be placing community boxes around the town. The one in his neighbourhood will be placed at… he looks at the map. What? He yells. It will be placed exactly where his mailboxes are.

He hears a snicker from the mailman who is walking by.

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The Muses


Prompt: …all seven were just arguing amongst themselves…

The nine muses were having their tea when Tragedy asked, “My sisters, who is the more important muse, myself or Comedy?”

Music said, “Comedy, of course. It is best to take life lightly and laugh whenever possible.” Love and Dance agreed.

“Nonsense,” said History. “Such fools cannot deal with the serious things in life if they are always laughing.” Astronomy, Art and Justice all said, “Hear hear!”

A melee broke out amongst the sisters. All seven were just arguing amongst themselves when Tragedy declared, “See? Tragedy does prevail!”

The muses looked at each other and burst out laughing. Comedy said, “As does Comedy!”

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The City Councillor


Prompt: …and so it begins…

The man in the silk suit looks down at the new city councillor. “So you can do this for me?”

The city councillor shakes his head. “I can’t do this for you.”

“Of course you can!” The man in the silk suit leans over the city councillor’s desk. “You do remember the amount of money I invested in your campaign, don’t you? You can do this for me.” He walks out of the room.

The city councillor sighs. How many more favours will be called in?

The intercom buzzes, “Mr Mancini is here to see you.”

And so it begins.

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