Tail’s End Lagoon


Prompt: phoenix_zpsmniufs9r
Photo credit: pixabay.com

The ancient mermaid slowly moved her arthritic tail through the warm water until she came upon the base of the volcanic island. She broke through the surface and she could see Merlin’s castle peaking through the hills. Magikal Island. Now she had to find the Phoenix that would lead her to Tail’s End Lagoon.

She could see a water fowl diving for fish, but no other birds. Suddenly, a brilliant light took form in front of her and a most colourful bird appeared. The Phoenix. “This way,” he said. The ancient mermaid slowly followed him as he patiently hovered above her, leading her toward the island.

He led her through a tree-covered secluded area and into a brilliant blue lagoon. “Godspeed,” he said and then disappeared. The ancient mermaid swam into Tail’s End Lagoon, the lagoon where old merfolk go to die. She closed her eyes and floated comfortably. Soon the soothing effervescence of the water lulled her to sleep and she disappeared, leaving a trail of bubbles where she once existed.

© 2015 – All rights reserved Loretta Notto @ Mermaid Fingers


22 thoughts on “Tail’s End Lagoon

  1. Absolutely beautiful! I love the way you portrayed the transcendence of death. And mermaids are awesome. In any and all contexts. So, rock on!


  2. Loretta, this story is beautiful. I felt the feelings the old mermaid felt but I don’t know how to describe them, (peace, melancholy, tired, and longing?). This story is wonderful!


  3. A beautifully told and imaginative story. It does look very peaceful there, so I can understand why mermaids and others would wish it to be the last place their eyes see.


  4. At the end of the original tale, the little mermaid dissolved into bubbles and disappeared. I won’t get all into it, but it’s heartbreaking.

    With that in mind, I love how you kept the essence of mermaids disappearing as they pass away. With yours, there was a sense of peace and acceptance. I could visualize it so well and feel the emotions. I was expecting her to renew her body (to youth), but I truly love the direction you took this short story. Thank you for writing and sharing this. ❤


  5. Awww, I never saw the story going towards that direction, nice twist. It was sad to see the mermaid died, but at the same time, I love how she was at peace when she left.


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