Diamond Feathers


Prompt:diamond goose_zpsaj4w2nlg
Photo credit: Sonya O

“Where did this goose come from?” Jonny asked the festival organizer.

“Don’t know. It just showed up with a tag that says ‘Diamond Feathers’.”

Jonny smiled. That’s the one. He looked deep into the ice sculpture and could see the diamonds blended in with the frozen bubbles. All he had to do was pick it up later and deliver it to Mr Penelli.

“Thanks for helping out, Jonny,” the festival organizer said. “Come with me; we could use you at parking control…”

When the last car pulled out at the end of the day, Jonny went back to the ice sculpture exhibit. Diamond Feathers wasn’t there. He frantically searched the exhibit.

The festival organizer came over. “What’s wrong?”

“The goose… what happened to it?”

“Oh, apparently some kids just picked it up and threw it into the river. I guess they wanted to see the goose swim. Stupid kids… Jonny, are you okay? You don’t look too good.”

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First Trip


Prompt: …but you need cash…

“Ma, the cab will be here soon.” She rolls her small suitcase to the door.

“This is your first trip alone. Do you have enough cash?” Ma picks up her purse and pulls out her wallet.

“I have my credit card and my debit card.”

“But you need cash.” Ma sighs. “Young people and their plastic. Here…”

“Oh, there’s the cab.” She ignores Ma’s fist full of bills and kisses her cheek. She picks up her suitcase and goes out the door.

Moments later, she comes back. “Ma, the cab driver wants cash only.”

Ma sighs.

© 2015 – All rights reserved Loretta Notto @ Mermaid Fingers