Flowered Cows


Photo credit: S Writings

The two men walked along the Fisherman’s Wharf. It was their first trip back to San Francisco since the 60s.

“Look at this place, it’s hardly changed,” Larry mused.

“Not like us, eh?” Tony chuckled. “A couple of successful business men like us. Hard to believe we lived here as penniless hippies.”

“And yet we always had money for dope.”

“Fortunately, not that much money for dope. At least we never fried our brains.”

“That’s true.” Larry stopped walking. “Hey Tony, remember those flowered cows?”

Tony laughed. “How can I forget? I wonder if our brains weren’t fried after all!”

“Um, Tony…”

“I still can’t believe we both had the same hallucination! Flowered cows! What the heck were we on?”


“What? You seeing flowered cows again?”

“Ah, yeah,” Larry pointed toward a small boutique adorned with 60s mementos. Two life-sized statues of brightly painted flowered cows graced the doorway.

Tony blinked. “Oh my good Lord, it’s the flowered cows! What the heck are we on?”

Larry laughed. “Nothing now, and apparently nothing back then either.”

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Photo Centre Diva


Photo credit: Uday

The fans stood around the front of the unique but somewhat dilapidated building, waiting for its occupant.

“Looks like a real photography business, doesn’t it?”

“Well, it does say ‘Photo Centre” on the door.”

“Needs a little work, though.”

“The Diva should be able to afford it now!”

“She deserves all that money. She worked hard enough for it!”

“And don’t forget who her father was! That’s why his name is on the door.”

“How did he get the name ‘Photo Centre’ anyway?”

“Who knows? That lot comes up with the strangest names.”

“Oh look, here comes the Diva now!”

Everyone turned toward the clopping hooves that announced the approach of the shiny brown horse adorned with a wreath of flowers around her neck. She was led by her jockey who proudly displayed the blue ribbon on his chest.

The fans applauded as Photo Centre Diva was led into the oddly decorated stall with her father’s name on it.

© 2016 – All rights reserved Loretta Notto @ Mermaid Fingers

Dog, Meet Boy


Photo Credit: Pixabay.com

“You still hanging around the camp, fella?” Jamie bent down to nuzzle the black dog and received a sloppy kiss in return. He stood up. “I’ve got somebody I want you to meet.”

He turned around and pointed to the small boy with his thumb in his mouth who was standing shyly behind him.

“Dog, meet Boy,” Jamie said to the dog. “I’m afraid I don’t know his name either, but you both have a lot in common. You see, this little guy lost his family too and he’s alone, just like you are.”

The dog panted happily. Jamie pointed to the dog. “Dog.”

The boy removed his thumb from his mouth. “Dog,” he repeated.

“That’s right,” Jamie said. He pointed to the dog again. “Dog.” He pointed to himself. “Jamie.” He then pointed to the boy and raised his eyebrows in question.

The little boy smiled and pointed to the dog. “Dog.”

The dog licked the boy’s face, causing him to giggle. “Dog, dog, dog!”

Jamie smiled. “Well, that’s good enough for now.”

© 2016 – All rights reserved Loretta Notto @ Mermaid Fingers