Photo Centre Diva

Photo credit: Uday

The fans stood around the front of the unique but somewhat dilapidated building, waiting for its occupant.

“Looks like a real photography business, doesn’t it?”

“Well, it does say ‘Photo Centre” on the door.”

“Needs a little work, though.”

“The Diva should be able to afford it now!”

“She deserves all that money. She worked hard enough for it!”

“And don’t forget who her father was! That’s why his name is on the door.”

“How did he get the name ‘Photo Centre’ anyway?”

“Who knows? That lot comes up with the strangest names.”

“Oh look, here comes the Diva now!”

Everyone turned toward the clopping hooves that announced the approach of the shiny brown horse adorned with a wreath of flowers around her neck. She was led by her jockey who proudly displayed the blue ribbon on his chest.

The fans applauded as Photo Centre Diva was led into the oddly decorated stall with her father’s name on it.

© 2016 – All rights reserved Loretta Notto @ Mermaid Fingers

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