Photo credit: Yinglan

He slams on the brakes of his U-Haul as the traffic comes to a complete stop. Dang Toronto traffic, anyway. He can’t wait to get to his buddy’s place, apparently way the hell on the other side of this crazy town. He’s tempted to turn around and go back to Connecticut. But he promised to help his buddy move, so here he is.

As he crawls along the slow lane, he notices cars passing by with people waving white hankies out the windows. A few honk their horns at him and yell comments such as “Awesome dinosaur, dude!” and “Go Raptors!” Hmmm…isn’t that a basketball team? Right, the Toronto Raptors, and they’re playing in the finals beginning today. Well, that explains the traffic.

A car full of young women blow kisses towards him as they drive by. He thinks about that silly dinosaur advertisement on the side of his U-Haul and decides perhaps it isn’t so silly after all.

© 2016 – All rights reserved Loretta Notto @ Mermaid Fingers

19 thoughts on “Dino-Haul

  1. Really cute Lorette. I love how you used the raptors picture as support for the basketball team. Very clever and well written.


      1. Yeah here too. I’ve never watched much NBA basketball. I tend t like it better in University, like March Madness, where the players aren’t all perfect and tall and skilled. I enjoyed playing too, though I was nothing special 🙂 But they’re Canada’s team so go Canada!

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  2. I expect he’ll be much happier to take his U-haul into Toronto in the future! Having lots of pretty women honking and waving at him will be more than he can resist. 🙂 Good story.


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