Meant to Be


Prompt: bridge_zpsu6htxr41
Photo credit: Joy Pixley

Megan and Allie stood atop the old stone bridge, both clad in bathing suits.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve dived off this bridge,” said Allie.

“That’s why I called you when I heard you were back in town,” said Megan.

“I thought you’d still be angry with me. You know, with me hooking up with Josh.” Allie blushed.

“Old news.” Megan shrugged. “If he really cared about me, he wouldn’t have run off with my best friend.”

Allie smiled. “You’re so understanding. I really believe Josh and I were meant to be.”

“Right, meant to be. Shall we, then?”

Allie dove off the bridge in a perfect swan dive. Megan watched her break the water. Moments later, she could see blood rising to the surface, with no trace of Allie.

She smiled. “Oops, I forgot to mention; while you’ve been gone, the water level has been receding quickly. It’s no longer safe for diving.” She walked off the bridge. “Guess it was meant to be.”

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