Lucky Coin

Photo credit: Singledust

Mei Ling held back tears as she walked away from Jason’s place. He had just broken up with her. She was holding the lucky two-dollar coin he had given her on their first Chinese New Year together. She tried to remember what year it was.

“Year of the Ass, most likely,” she muttered as she threw the coin into the planter sitting outside a restaurant. She walked on, not noticing the old woman hovering in the doorway.

Two weeks later, Mei Ling was passing by the same restaurant when the old woman stepped outside. It was Chow, an old friend of her mother’s.

“Mei Ling,” she said. “You threw away coin. I took coin, buy lottery ticket.” She handed Mei Ling the ticket. “You won many millions.”

Mei Ling was stunned. “But it’s yours, Chow. You bought it!”

“Huh, Chow old lady, no children. What me do with it? Your mother my good friend. Money for you.” She smiled. “You no need that man you call Ass.”

© 2017 – All rights reserved Loretta Notto @ Mermaid Fingers

25 thoughts on “Lucky Coin

  1. Now there’s a great way to start the new year! She is lucky that Chow is such an honest person. Although this had such a wonderful fairy tale feel to it, I wonder if there is more to Chow and her “luck” than meets the eye, hmm. Nicely written!

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